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Tributes to Richard K. Emmerson: Crossing Medieval Disciplines

Brepols, 2021

This interdisciplinary collection celebrates the scholarship of Richard K. Emmerson, one of the most prominent medievalists of his generation. With contributions to the history of medieval literature, drama, theology, and art, this anthology not only showcases the fields with which Emmerson’s own work engaged, but also demonstrates the fruitfulness of the cross-disciplinary approach that has come to define these fields. Although the essays employ a broad range of source material—from devotional treatises to performance texts and from architectural sculpture to illuminated manuscripts—the book focuses specifically on five distinct but related topics: reception, word-image relationships, eschatology, identity, and moral argument. The contributions, written by Emmerson’s colleagues and former students, speak to the importance of interdisciplinarity and demonstrate the profound influence of Emmerson’s work on the rich field of medieval studies.

Tributes to Richard K. Emmerson: Crossing Medieval Disciplines: Project
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